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Hello, my anme is vanessa and I've been just getting introduced to EGL.I dont own alot of outfits or accesories that contribute to EGL but I'm working on it.  I don't have much of a way in reguards to meet fellow michigan Lolitas but I hope I can in the future!

Love Always~

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So December 9th and 10th at the Cappon House in Holland there are Victorian Teas being hosted.

I think it would be rather fun if us lolitas in the West Michigan area got together and went to the teas!

For those interested, the address of Cappon House is 228 W 9th St in Holland, reservations are required and there is a small cost to get in.
If you would like to come, I can call and reserve all of us for it so please leave a comment if you're interested!


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Hi all!

So, all the other lolitas are having fall and halloween meetups.
I really really wish that some of us could have fun meetups soon... like the Northern lolis, Western, Eastern, Central, and Yoopers. Each portion of the state needs to represent!

I also wish that I could have the time and $$$ to organize one for the Western Lolis since I know some good spots here in Holland for us in the GR, Zeeland, Allendale, Holland, Hudsonville area. Such as the Holland Peanut Store, Ben and Jerry's, the 8th street farmers market and even the Quiznos that I work at!
Besides not having any money or time (since all I do is work and act as a live in nanny), I really only have one outfit that would even be REMOTELY considered lolita at this point (yes, it is a HT dress, no it's not from their LOL line.)

So, Lolitas in those areas (specifically the West side) we need some meetups yo! Okay, I stink at being Gangsta Lolita... ^_^

So what do you all say? Let's have some meetups like ASAP!

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So I'll get the ball rolling here!
lolita katamariCollapse )
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It almost seems that this comm is dead sometimes, but it's really not!

Intro posts would be nice, more members would be nice, and general discussion would be nice!

So does anyone else have a hard time trying to find lolita style anything here in Michigan or does anyone know of a good place to find clothes, GLBs, accesories, and the like?

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Welcome all!

This community was designed for Elegant Gothic Lolitas in Michigan!

It's a place to hang out, discuss clothes, patterns, conventions, and the general lifestyle of a Goth-Loli.

So please enjoy!

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Thanks for wanting to become an affiliate of EGL of Michigan!

Please tell me why you would like to affiliate with us, and leave a small graphic to put on the affiliates page.

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