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michigan_egl's Journal

Gothic-Lolitas of Michigan
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This is the official LJ of EGL's of MICHIGAN!! YEAH!

~~~~X~~~~Community Rules~~~~X~~~~
1. Pictures may be posted, but large format pictures or multiple pictures must be under an LJ cut.
2. No flaming, spamming, or other abuse. If I see you acting in an inappropriate manner, I will ban you from the community.
3. Constructive criticism is fine, destructive criticism is not.
4. no nudity unless it is part of your outfit! >.<
5. You may promote other GOTHIC-LOLITA or COSPLAY communities here.
6. NO, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, stealing other people's graphics or the site layout, etc. You may use them with permission of the creator/owner.
7. Have fun!
8. If you would like to affiliate with us, please go to the affilates post. (link will be up soon, I promise!)

~~~~~~X~~~~~~~~ Membership Q&A ~~~~~~~~~~~~X~~~~~~
1. Name
2. Location
3. Age (optional)
4. How long have you been a lolita?
5. Favorite outift? (please post picture as well!)
********Please put under LJ cut*******************


I will try my best to maintain this as often as possible, but it's kinda hard when you don't have internet at home.